MARCH 25,2018:

Version 1.02 Released. More "One Click" Preflop scenarios added (mostly vs Villain 3B ranges) to increase speed and a few bug fixes for both NL and PLO. Holdem and Omaha Shark Trial versions added to the Store with 10% discount on future purchases.

MARCH 27, 2018:
Version 1.03 Released for Holdem Shark (Omaha to follow).  Auto Hero Select option added. By selecting the "Auto Hero"  option the solvers decision will automatically be chosen for Hero. This eliminates additional mouse clicks if you always plan to follow the Solvers advice.  A preference file was added that saves your username and password for automatic server login.  The Ace was moved next to the King for quicker hand input (Thanks BarBar for the idea)
MARCH 28, 2018:
Version 1.03 Released for Omaha Shark with all of the new features listed above.
APRIL 2, 2018:
Version 1.04 Released for both Holdem and Omaha. Fixed a bug on BU and CO One Click "vs 3B" scenarios. (Thanks Vincenzo for finding this)
APRIL 9, 2018:
Found rather bad bug on the Holdem server. In some instances it was reporting zero frequencies for many common post flop spots which is now corrected. Client update not required.
APRIL 10, 2018:
Version 1.05 Released for both Holdem and Omaha. Various bug fixes and faster performance.
APRIL 24, 2018:
Version 1.07 Released. Updated code for better client/server communication. Dreaded "Server DNR" Problem finally resolved.
MAY 11, 2018:
Version 1.08 Released. Bug fix update for Holdem and Omaha.
May 31, 2018:
Version 1.09 Released for Omaha and Holdem. Vastly improved RNG method to stay in perfect balance.
July 9, 2018:
Version 1.10 Released for Omaha and Holdem. Increased server timeout to reduce "DNR" errors.
July 20, 2018:
Version 1.11 Released for Omaha and Holdem. Major update. Omaha now supports 100, 50 and 25bb solutions. Server IP/Location changed to better handle requests.
August 24, 2018:
Version 1.12 Released for Omaha and Holdem. Minor display issues updated.
March 9, 2020:
Version 1.15 Released. Fixed missing Button vs CO one click scenario.
March 9, 2021:
Version 1.16 Released. Bug fixes with improved server response.